Kaula Tantra

Tradicionalna tantriČna vidja

Šri Šiva Kaal Ugranand

“Become a thorn in the side of Reality until it reveals itself, and refuse to accept less than everything; refuse to give less than everything.”

“Surrender is really such a deep and beautiful subtle art. It includes the openness to connect, the willingness to see, and the humility to conform. In surrender, one becomes aware in such delicate and profound ways of where there is accord and where the “knots” lie. One falls into the knowledge that sharpens accord and falls into the light of love that melts knots.”

“The Tantric makes the discontinuous force continuous, and this is the ground of the Ishta. Like the import that death represents, the Ishta is only meaningful (in Tantra) when it is very real and deeply related to aspects viewed in ones own Being. This “relating” (and also not avoiding) brings spirituality home, and it is ruthlessly expresses the essence of the path.”